Composition Online Application Form 作曲类在线报名表

Composition Online Application Form 作曲类在线报名表

Please read first


If you are returning applicant(s), please use the same email address registered at the MAP-IMC 2021/2022.
Please carefully read the "Video Requirements for Qualifying the Preliminary Round" before submitting the application.
Any question? Please email to

Video Requirements for Qualifying the Preliminary Round


1. The entry composition works must be created and uploaded within 12 months before the participant’s application date.
2. The recording link(s) of different music pieces can be spliced into one link or one playlist.
3. The link must be set up as “unlisted” or “visible to the public”.
4. Please indicate the following content in English:MAP-IMC 2023, Participant’s (composer’s) name, full name(s) of work(s), composition date, and a brief description of the work in English in the description column of the video link.
5. Upload your work’s notation in the preliminary round application form.

1. 参赛作品必须为参赛者申请之日前12个月内制作并上传完成。
2. 多个参赛作品,可以单独录制,拼接于一条链接内,也可以设置在一个播放列表中(申请时提供播放列表的链接即可)。
3. 视频链接性质需设置为 “拥有链接者可见” 或 “对公众可见”。
4. 链接页面的简介栏需以中英双语形式明确标注以下内容:MAP-IMC 2023、参赛者姓名(作曲家姓名)、参赛作品类别、年龄组、作品全名。
5. 于初赛报名表中上传电子版作品谱例。

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